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June 07, 2013

ME3 - nude Javik - part III: hot and bothered/POV poses

I'm currently fixing Javik's palms and the soles of his feet, including the bumpmaps.

Here's a set of funposes, until the nude Prothean ragdoll is ready for action/another comic again. (Funposes 'cuz they were made just for fun and posing practice.)

My current posing theme:

hot and bothered & POV poses

 Missionary position from the female POV.

Hot and bothered. And a female POV as well.
(My favorite from today's picture set. The pose looks as if he's seriously horny and the expression is sexy as hell.) 
"Come to me..."

Hot and bothered.
Some leisurely edging. With lots of pre-cum, already forming a puddle on his belly.

 Hot and bothered again. This one can be a female POV, too...
About to cum.

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