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F/F, F/M + M/M erotic fanfics, AU or movie canon for Thor 1-3 + The Avengers, can be found here!

I'm not into the comics and haven't touched a single one in my life. Every fanfic linked here is solely about the Marvel Cinematic Movieverse.

Welcome to Asgard - Loki/OFC [F/M, F/F/F/F]
The Troublemaker - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Phase 3 - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Like A Splintered Rose - Loki/Tony Stark (FrostIron) [M/M] - WiP

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Commissions & Requests

I'm a self-taught erotic artist, creating rendered comics, calendars, solo and couple poses and lineart. All my works are NSFW. I do high quality content only, all files will be uploaded as Ultra-HD PNGs or as HD JPGs without compression. 

b/w calendar

color calendar


solo pose

couple pose




Mass Effect themed art only. 

Explicit content ONLY!

I do: M/M, F/M/M, F/M, futa on male, BDSM, interspecies (Prothean, Turian, Salarian, Krogan, Hanar, Quarian, Volus and humans), toys, solo poses, orgies

I won't do: Asari, lesbian, bi-girls, furry/yiff, underage, animals, vore, futa on girl, rape, mutilation/torture, scat/watersport, extreme-BDSM

I won't do content I'm not comfortable with. Or works that'll take longer than 15 weeks for me to finish. I reserve the right to decline commissions for personal reasons.

Poses will be made with Gmod and edited with Photoshop CC

Comics are made with Gmod, Comic Life 3 and Photoshop

Calendars are made with Gmod and Photoshop

Lineart is made with Photoshop

Single pose - 10 $
Couple pose - 15 $
Additional characters - 8 $ each
Additional viewing angles per pose - 2 $ each

Comics are 5 $ per page, 20 pages are minimum, 30 pages are maximum
For an additional fee, I can come up with a story for you but I really prefer you to present your own story idea. And, please, keep your story simple, I can fit only one interaction sequence (intro, dialogues, foreplay, sex) into 30 pages.

Calendars are 45 $ for solo poses and 65 $ for couple poses.
All calendars are black & white. A colored edition is 10 $ extra.
12 pages plus cover and a last page = 14 pages altogether. Erotic + hardcore content mix.

Lineart starts at 100 $ for one character with a fully colored background
One additional character for 75 $. No more than 2 characters per commissioned piece.

Payment in full up front. Paypal only. No Refunds. 

my Modus Operandi

I start working on your commission as soon as the payment clears and I will keep in touch with you almost daily in the beginning when I'm preparing the setup for your Gmod poses. Once I started posing, I will contact you once a week about what I did so far and I will also show you the last pose I've made to check out. 

Once I can start photoshopping, I will show you different color schemes for you to chose from. All Gmod commissions will include full ragdoll editing, a gradient background blur, color corrections, sharpening and hue/saturation adjustments. 

For comics:
I will show you a map portfolio first for you to pick a setting (tropical, gym, hotel pool, abandoned lab, e.g.), then I'll flesh out a storyboard and upload it to a filehoster for you to read (doc & docx file). The comic will be made exactly as described in the file. You can make additional suggestions after reading the storyboard. When everything's to your taste I will prepare the scenebuild and start posing. 

The comic will also include a handwritten signature and a novel-like cover. 

For linearts:
I will show you a very rough sketch first. You can make suggestions about the pose and I'll implement them after your liking. I will alter the sketch only once! So, please, make up your mind about what you want to have changed. Any further corrections will not be made. Lineart takes really long for me to finish and every correction only adds to the time until I'm done with your commission. Always expect about 12 weeks for a lineart to be finished (after sketching and pose corrections). 

For further questions and commission details use the contact form on the right!
Or send me a note through deviantArt: http://shalaraan.deviantart.com/

ALWAYS use "commission" or "request" as subject!


Only one request per requester. Ever.

I'm sorry about this restriction but after a mooch on Tumblr tried to rip me off with request after request (within minutes after receiving his first freebie, no less), I had to put up a few rules to prevent any further exploitation attempts. I'll be happy to make a request-like commission for you for 25 $, but my spare time is very limited. And paid work will always come first. Please, contact me first for availability and a possible slot reservation. 

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